1era Jornadas de Investigación y desarrollo de tecnologías libres

I am currently at the “1era jornadas de Investigación y desarrollo de tecnologías libres” in merida. I was invited to come here in the trip I made to Puerto Ordaz for the “V foro mundial del conocimiento libre” (read about that trip here).

As I travel around Venezuela, I have gotten the valuable oportunity to meet founding members of the F/OSS community and I have been greeted with open arms ubuntu-ve has gained a spot in the nationwide movement. I had the chance to meet with founding members and new young blood and discuss the role of the communities in our country. We had the chance to present the projects we are participating in (translation to Wayuu, documentation) and we explained the Idea behind LoCo teams. I have had the chance to meet local Ubunteros like David Hernandez and Luis Puentes. They have express their intentions of helping out ubuntu-ve locally.

I  have to say the Venezuelan Free and Open Source community is really working hard to integrate the work done and to best contribute to eachothers proyects. Ubuntu-ve is keeps rocking as the train keeps rolling.

pics from the event

MOTU JOURNEY UPDATE: I am currently trying to work my first merge. I had chosen smc (since the Debian Maintainer is a friend of mine) but there is and issue with dependencies that are being solved before I can do this one. I am currenlty looking at another merge. expect an update this week and from there on I’ll be more constant.

Please bare with me as my talks get in the way of my MOTUness experience. it all goes into juggling my participation.

Life is what happens while you are making other plans.

John Lennon


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