MOTU JOURNAL UPDATE #3 : my first patch!

my first patch

In my last post. I was building the package after having added a new manpage for the ghc6 package. The next step was testing it and if it worked OK then generate the debdiff and attaching it to this bug in launchpad, I documented all that here. I received feedback and I was quick to make the changes.

I have to admit my first patch submission happened very fast. I am usually very shy to show my MOTU work as I consider myself very novice when it comes to bug fixing. but it was not problematic at all when it came down to building the package and testing. I have described the whole process step by step in my journal just in case you run into a manpage bug 😉 .

Pimping my journal, as It gets longer and longer. I decided to add a small content table for easy access of certain parts of the journal. and I have to say it looks nicer.

Now I need to find me another bug …

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