WHAT: MOTU Q&A session



WHERE: #ubuntu-classroom on

Back to my post

Just because I have been quiet it doen’t mean I haven’t been working out my MOTU skills. I have another update in my road to MOTUness. I am doing quite a bit of progress. I set up my pbuilder to point to hardy and I even included extra repositories for it (please check extra lesson 1). and I have been working hard on looking at bugs.

I have been stuck finding bugs to fix, the bitesize are almost all gone. and the ones available don’t look very easy to fix. mainly stuff I am not familiar with. so I decided to give a shout to #ubuntu-motu. I was swiftly hit with this pair of bugs.

Both report the lack of a manpage for runghc. I decided to give it a crack. upstream didn’t provide a manpage for it. so I decided to write it. and BOY was I in for a steep learning curve. happy ending though… I am test-building my first package I documented the whole process in my diary just in case anyone has to deal with manpages later :D. So I might just close 2 bugs.

I also found Jonathan Carter’s old MOTU journal… and I found it quite interesting. he is learning things I haven’t seen yet. and I guess it would be cool to have diaries like this… it definetely helps us all learn lots of stuff at the same time. of course, there is no secret formula to learning all MOTU things. but we could all benefit from reading eachother’s progress. please DO document you failures and successes on the path to MOTU.

It is a way to learn cooperatively in a process that to me seems to be VERY personal.

KUDOS: persia (for all the patience in the world), ScottK (for helping me with my merge skills :D) and geser (for helping me fix component issues in pbuilder). norsetto that bug had more to it… and you knew… thank you all for believing I could.

I continue the MOTU journey…

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