back from the “V Foro mundial del conocimiento libre”

The “V Foro Mundial del Conocimiento Libre”, held in the beautiful city of Puerto Ordaz , simply ROCKED. people from different parts of venezuela had a chance to meet the venezuelan F/LOSS community at large. this event gathered the community for 3 days, all very full of sharing and bonding.Ubuntu-ve was assigned a stand for participation and I was scheduled to give two talks… one on the ubuntu desktop. and another on community and how to contribute.  then by accident I ended giving a small python talk, very simple and filled with bits of code for young learners to pick it up quickly.

The ubuntu-ve stand/booth, we had demonstrations on how to install, and how to do basic things with ubuntu and we ansewered some questions. so people didn’t just take the CD home… Abdul and Nelo rocked the demonstrations. we also worked  hard on burning copies of whatever version ubuntu/kubuntu/xubuntu/edubuntu (server and addoncd), and many people took a CD home :D.

Ubuntu-ve also shared with other communities in Venezuela and much more importantly with the new people joining the Free and Open Source software Avalanche.

a big thank you to the organizers, who gave their all and made it a great opportunity for people to come see what we are all about…

More pictures here…

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