Away from home!!! Still going for MOTU!!



WHEN: Nov 23rd, 13:00 UTC.

WHERE:  #ubuntu-motu

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Well I am at the “V Foro Mundial del Conocimiento Libre”, I know I have one day without looking at my MOTU plan. I had been travelling and day 1 was rough on me. I was trying to set up the UBUNTU-VE stand (seting up balloons video beam and stuff) and on the other hand, I was scheduled to give two consecutive talks. First, The introduction of the UBUNTU-VE community. It was a very interesting chance to explain how the community works since some of them are unfamiliar with the support or the kind of services a community team offers. Another thing I pointed out is that they can too participate in the team and make it ROCK.


I must go the distance. I received wonderful feedback from MOTU’s and some of them pointed out that I had chosen a rather steep couple of tasks for the begining of the training and the truth is I was just following the bread crums from the documentation. I probably driffted away a little.

I will focus at least 4 days in bug fixing. I was told that this is the way to being playing with the tools and actually help out at the same time from the very begining. Thank you very much persia for your feedback. It is contributions like this that make little MOTUhoppers like me want to continue going for MOTUness. Should I have any doubts about what I am doing, I shall contact the ubuntu-motu-mentors mailing list to get everyone’s input on what little problem I may be having


I just met ANIBAL MONSALVE, a Debian Developer from the COLOMBIA and currently living in AUSTRALIA. He had very encouraging words, the kind of thing I could relate to my Ubuntu MOTU journey. Also, I recently learned that JOSE PARRELA, a young Venezuelan (aged 20), is becoming a Debian Developer. I had a chance to talk to him as well and I can say he is one hell of a smart kid. I am EVEN more empowered to continue my MOTU tasks.

Any way this is all I have for now, let’s see what day two awaits… Expect progress in my plan tonight.


Thanks for your undying support…


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