MOTU Journey update…


Thank you all

Wow. thanks for the fantastic support. I will start posting more info on my progress in the planet and I encourage anyone following me or just a few lessons ahead of me to post your comments here in my blog or in the wiki. I would love to hear from your experiences. all eyes on the motu hopefulls and we will go the distance.

Highlights of the first 4 lessons 

  •  I must say. I though it was going to be more difficult. You must definetely get comfortable with the tools. Take your time. make sure you have your gpg key info hand and the bash variables DEBFULLNAME and DEBEMAIL. this is important because it is how you sign packages after building them (and you should have used it already to sign the Code of Conduct to become UBUNTERO).  please check GnuPrivacyGuardHowto if you don’t have a GPG key.
  • Updating a package was fun. the idea is bringing new versions of applications is exciting. learned a couple of tools like pbuilder (definition here), which I though I could leave for later because I found it a bit scary. but following the lesson 2 suggestion, I dared to try pbuilder. It turned out to be just pretty straight forward. this updates generally fix bugs from previous versions and I see a lot of reference to them in the changelog (you see the actual numbers of the bug reports in malone (in launchpad)).
  • then there’s the Debain Maintainer Field, Read the what and why the how is pretty simple. in debian/control just make sure you modify
    the Manteiner field. It originally reads something like this:

Maintainer: John Doe Palmar

You just have to edit the Mantainer field to the MOTU team (check why in and add a new field, XSBC-Original-Mantainer with the original mantainer info.

Maintainer: Ubuntu MOTU Developers <>
XSBC-Original-Mantainer: John Doe Palmar <>

All of this little things I have been learning are part of the MOTU documentation and you can try it for yourself.  So far I haven’t interacted with anyone in any of this processes so it has been easy on the morale. as soon as I interact more with real cases I shall see my involvement with real MOTUS and that proves a test.

On the IRC LOGs of the Open Week.

It feels cool to go back after I have gained some confidence with tools and probably I will be able to understand questions better and probably see things that I didn’t see before. It’s be like reading a book for a 2nd time. Or like going back in time and doing it again… only with a little more knowledge

On the FREE practice.

I look forward to that. I shall swing by the IRC and see if there is anything that needs upgrading. probably moving around for bugs and see if one of my patches actually works (debdiffs work as patches). so it proves to be interesting.

I am currently doing my motu work at 5:30 am Venezuelan Time… that’s 09:30 UTC. … I definetely don’t have time … I have to make time… 😉

Again… thanks for your fantastic support…


FUN MOTU: did you know that the first HE-MAN and the Masters of the Universe action figure I got … was  Skeletor … :S … my mother thought the uglier was the coolest… go figure…


3 Replies to “MOTU Journey update…”

  1. HI!!

    Well i’ve read your posts about your MOTU journey and i found them very interesting and usefull.

    It gives us a good idea of how to start the process to become a MOTU.

    Keep up the work and see you soon cause i will following your steps so that i can become a MOTU too.

  2. Hi, some suggestions:

    To change the Maintainer Field to MOTU you can use update-maintainer script (available in the «ubuntu-dev-tools» package), which will do this automatically for you if you execute it inside the package’s source directory. You might also want to have a look at pbuilder-dist if you haven’t yet (it’s also in the same package as update-maintainer), that one will allow you to have multiple pbuilder setup’s (like for example one for feisty, one for gutsy and another for hardy) at once.

    Good luck with your journey! I’m also trying to become a MOTU :).

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