V foro mundial del conocimiento libre: The Ubuntu Desktop… Represent!


A couple of months back I was approached by someone in my local lug regarding paricipating in the “Foro mundial del conocimiento libre“. I’ll be spending 4 days in the city of “Puerto Ordaz” in Bolivar State. The “Foro Mundial” offers a chance for all FOSS the community to gather and talk about common projects in Venezuela, The First “Foro Mundial Infantil del conocimiento libre” oriented to children. the focus this year is on free culture, free software, free hardware, free art, Legal aspects, Economic Aspects and sharing Migration experiences.

V foro mundial del conocimiento libre

map of trip to v foro

Since the venezuelan FOSS community is in constant growth. I chose to orient my talk towards talking about the ubuntu desktop. you can find the talk and the abstract (in spanish). This is a tribute tho the desktop-team for making ubuntu kick some serious sense into people’s minds in every release.

Ubuntu-ve will have a small stand with small talks and a Community talk. and a ASK QUESTIONS table. where people can get their Questions asked. and also promote the projects we are undertaking (Donating PC’s to schools (edubuntu), Languages Translation to Wuayuunaiki) and generating more participation in the LoCo team in general, we even offered help with Ubuntu installations in a InstallFest.

Check out the list of talks
This Summit will give the Venezuelan FOSS community to converge on different levels and for UBUNTU-VE this means a great deal. We thank the organizing committee of this wonderful event.

My Journey to MOTU…

I planned this so I will resume my MOTU learning the same Saturday when I get back. I don’t know how much the internet will work in the hotel where I’ll be staying. MOTU Learning is coming along great. you can check my daily progress here. Thanks for the fantastic support


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