My Journey to MOTU…

That’s it. I am headed to MOTU land. I find MOTU a very interesting contribution and there’s never been a better time to contribute. It is eveyone’s chance to give back to ubuntu. I open my road to MOTU to anyone that wants to come along, anyone that wishes to give me a few pointers on how to do things. I am a man on a mission, reach MOTUness…

I have laid out my study plan. Two or Three Hours a day should help me get in shape for more regular MOTU action. please have a look, feel free to make suggestions to my plan right there in the wiki, the idea is to balance it a bit. pick it up and make t your own. design your MOTU ROAD MAP TODAY

Thanks for your support


4 Replies to “My Journey to MOTU…”

  1. Cool idea. Making any task into smaller ones makes it more manageable and less scary. Seems like other folks considering MOTUness might want to use this as a template, maybe a wiki-template?

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