Burnout II: Find your cure…

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Recently, Jono pointed out some interesting issues regarding Burnout. I want to point out something that might help you find your cure, If you look at something you really really like, no matter how good it is, at some point if it represents no challenge, it’ll bore you.Take the example of reading for pleasure. No matter how good a book is. you just don’t feel like reading the same book every night. One suggestion, Take several books and read  them, one day you read from one, then you read a little from another and so on. different kinds of books help.

If you take this analogy to the ubuntu community. there’s lots one could do. Whatever suits you. In my case I started out with Translations, Documentation, obviously advocacy in the LoCo team in my country, and recently, I got my eyes on MOTU. This helps me keep my interest in ubuntu community. Threading my community work in different areas keeps my colaboration fresh (for as little as it may seem).

Contributing from different angles also helps out. If you are focused on one task or one team in particular, It would be like having pizza everyday. Help out a little here and there. and then get back to your main project.

Another thing that might help out get rid of some of the jaded stage of burnout, GET OUT AND PROMOTE UBUNTU :D.  The synergy you get from advocating ubuntu. It is something to be able to help people with real problems. I guess that is another pill for burnout. the people you meet when you get out and say Ubuntu in the real world. so go out and share the Ubuntu.

If you have your own cure… please comment it 😉

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