Chronicles of a Release Party 3: the After Party! (Final Installment)


After the party it was our turn to pick up our stuff and leave. the ubuntu-ve guys definetely wanted to meet at a bar. I honestly was too tired to go, I decided to go home and take a shower and then head back to the place they were going to. It was the first time ubuntu-ve would sit and talk face to face.

Next Event

It was, Rolando, Nathalie, Santiago, Cesar and me who spoke about the community and how it should shape up. we talked about the event. we were satisfied with what we acomplished. we did talk about follow up. Next year an event in the capital city of Caracas.

New Structure

In this very interesting first year, ubuntu-ve learned how to stand, walk and run. and one thing we did learn is that we have to be always open to new people wanting to help. and taking a hint from what’s going on in the comunity at large, I suggested that teams be created to better handle the different administrative task. a Website Team, an IRC team, a mailing list Team and a forums team. the idea is to have a group of people and not just one person at each task.


If you read rolando, I am the new LoCo team contact =D. I was handed the position by Rolando and with the approval of the ubuntu-ve council. I feel honored and I feel full of energy to undertake what lies ahead this year. more involvement from people in Venezuela and integration with other Latin American LoCo’s shall be key (documentation proyect among all spanish speaking LoCo’s).

A big THANK YOU to IGLURBE (What a great University LUG) :

I had my first taste at running a lug at IGLURBE. and they are always dear to me (Shall tell that story later):

Andrea Bravo, (For being so motivational, her energy is so contagious that it makes you do anything so that you do no dissapoint). Rocmer Hurtado (for his neverdying spirit), Mario Briceño (Coordinator of the Technology Transfer Center) (for his guidance and his support regarding the advercities), Irais Mejias (for her insights and her help at the day of the event, always a great mentor), Angie for volunteering. the Newcomers to the IGLURBE team… Manuel, Eva and Kristian. May you lead the way for even more IGLURBE members.

Ubuntu Venezuela Rocked the House CHECK ALL THE PICS HERE

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