Chronicles of a Release Party 2: Party On!


Well, After two days of “final touches” (preprinting certificates, id tags, getting the banners, Burning CD’s, etc (check the pictures for more details). It was the day of the party. and boy did that day  really live up to be an ubuntu release party day.

Maracaibo wakes up to an Ubuntu Release Party



  Me(effie-jayx) and Santiago Zarate (santiago-ve), Nathalie Colina(Art3misa) and Vanessa Gutierrez (titacgs) to the venue at 6:30 am to set up the registration table (give out CD’s, ID tag and printed info on ubuntu). we made sure the registration system worked. and it did but later died on us :(… a very long line of people to check attendance. So we had a list of attendees and 5 volunteers started verifying manually. It all moved along nicely. The event started on Schedule 9:00 am with a turn up of around 200 people.

registration table

I offered a talk on the Ubuntu as a distro and the way the community works.  Rolando Blanco (LoCo team contact) talked about his experience on commercial support in venezuela, giving attendees some insights on what to expect when promoting ubuntu, Santiago Zarate offered his insights on web development through Ubuntu,  Luis Puentes broke myths showing some really cool games in Linux. All of the talks had very interesting questions at the end and People asking received ubuntu-ve tatoos :D.  Closing the event, we had a General Q and A session with the Ubuntu-ve Community and Work Tables.

me (effie_jayx) talking  

A very interactive session with members of the University Lug (Rocmer and Yohendry) offered a more unconference like atmosphere. Participants got the chance to drain all their questions and SEE UBUNTU.

Mesas de Trabajo (work tables) is a format unusual to me but familiar to Nathalie and Cesar. These workshop like session gave the chance to the attendees to help out with different issues ubuntu-ve is trying to solve. A very specific situation was Ubuntu Translation to Wayünaiiki, One of the attendees happened to speak the language and study computer science. he and a group of 5 sat together and wrote down some ideas on how to help the proyect lift off. Other tables included “Donating PC’s”, Spanish Documentation Team (ubuntu-doc-spa). the ideas and the contacts made will surely help us get out of some internal bottle necks.

It is the first year of Ubuntu-ve and we celebrated in style. All spirits up and new blood pumping and ready to do even better the second year.


Rolando Blanco is the LoCo team Contact and drove 10 hours to get to the city of Maracaibo.

Santiago Zarate 10 hours by Bus.

Nathalie Colina 6 hour drive after work.

Can’t thank you enough guys…

More to come on the final Installment commenting on all the happenings of the ubuntu-ve party in Maracaibo.

Next Installment and final installment:

  • The University DREAM TEAM (Thank you IGLURBE).
  • New structure of UBUNTU-VE.
  • Energizing our projects.

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