Chronicles of a Release Party 1: If you book them, They’ll come.


Well This is the first post to document what lies behind the release party for venezuela this saturday at the planning of the Venezuelan Release Party. I am writing this LONG post to release some of the stress.

To give you some background, the Venezuela Team had been debating over having an event since MARCH 2007. Many arguments as to how to plan, who did what, and what to have quickly turned the organizing team (senior members of ubuntu-ve) into very puzzled people. Feisty was released and we had small parties around the country. But we were still needing something.In June, UBUNTU-VE turned  1 year old. We needed a celebration and we decided the next release party would do. It gave us enough time to plan and it gave us enough Hype to get going.

So after many weeks later, Nathalie Colina put a deadline for a venue and time. and I luckily found a great place. The Auditorium of “Universidad Rafael Belloso Chacín”. usually universities are pretty open to let you promote.  OCTOBER 20th. It was like finding that perfect picnic spot in your favorite park.

I called the founding members of ubuntu-ve and they are delighted to participate (Rolando Blanco is even driving 12 hours just to be there), and people from all over the country started saying. I’m going there. For this little grasshoper, It feels like a bunch of people headed for the Ubuntu woodstock. It feels amazing.

What do we do to promote?

We did the usual mailing list, wiki and other. but we decided to get One on One with people. and I decided to hand out flyers around the University and not only in the Computer Science area “ALL OVER THE PLACE”. It took me 2 days to deliver 500 flyers to people. I took the delicacy to talk a bit when I gave the flyers so that people picked up the idea right.


We sent 5 letters for food sponsorship and we got 1 very positive response. The very gentle people at the “La Chinita” International Airport have kindly sponsored food for 300 people (yes, you heard right. The Local Airport is involved :P). Food is covered ;).


I am on an ART ATTACK rampage and did some pretty cool banners for tomorrow. All homemade just like the Software Freedom Day Banner last month (READ THE GEEK BANNER HOWTO HERE).  It is a very relazing way to spend time with friends and get some Varsity like decorations going for your event :D. Some balloons and confeti should do as well.

The CD’s:

The Stable Iso’s were released yesterday at 7:34 am venezuelan time. so We are facing the challenge of burning 350 cd’s of Gutsy. Rolando Blanco even bought his Car power Cable for his laptop and another ubuntero and He and his Ubunteros from Caracas will be burning Cd’s all the way to Maracaibo.

350 copies WIL BE DELIVERED…

Today we are working on the different aspects prior to the party

More to come on the next installment

Check out more behind the scene pictures here

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