Olan effie_jayx: VELUG-MCBO back in accion


VELUG back in black


One of the things You got to love about being in a community is the chance to learn from peers. Yesterday the buds from my local Lug VELUG-MARACAIBO had great time in the always traditional Open Lan. In these Open House meetings, we usually just hang out and discuss stuff. we have sessions to talk about latest trends in different fields (Sys adminitration, Programming … so on and so forth), It also gives a chance to the new people to introduce themselves (we had 1 newcomer) and It gives the old people the chance to meet. I happened to be the host for this one and I gave a small talk on python and we even did some code together… pretty cool. Later, Gerardo Curiel followed up with a talk on django so you can say there was lot’s of py in the air that night.


We had the chance to eat lunch and dinner together talk about the projects for the lug. and I am very happy with the experience. This ubuntero opened up his house and learned from other cool linux buddies…

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