Back to School in Venezuela, Ubuntu is waiting…

I just read in that UBUNTU is going to school in Venezuela :D.

The CBIT (Centro Bolivariano de Informática y Telemática) invited the staff to take a close look at a new “Escuela Bolivariana Gran Mariscal de Ayacucho” in Miranda, Guarico State.

The man in charge of this is TSU Roman Hernández, promoter of Educational Informatics. for two days he and his team helped get the lab ready at the school and some people even brought their PC’s and took home Ubuntu.

All machines are produced by the VIT (Venezolana de Industria Tecnológica), which is a computer-assembly plant that was founded with the savings earned from ditching propietary software.

For more pictures check here

P.S. Special thanks to Antonio Da Silva Campos and Roman Hernández

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