There may be very few… but they are trully something…

A couple of days back, I read about the inclusion of Melissa Draper’s “From Equality to Diversity: The Road Less Taken” in the The Open Source Developers’ Conference, 2007. This made me reflect on the involvement of women in FOSS.

It can be shocking to learn that only 1.5% of members in the Free / Open Source Software communities are Women. In my particular case, My university LUG is put together a Software Freedom Day team. In the Organizing team, the women outnumber the gents… 3 -2 ( Andrea, Angie, Irais – Rocmer and myself).

I first learned about Software Freedom Day from Melissa Draper as she told me about one she attended in 2006. and much more Locally, I learned that there was a team here in Venezuela and that Nathalie Colina was organizing it. We had the chance to talk and she brought up the idea of having one in my city as well. It was later after lot’s of fiddling around in the SFD wiki that I found that Pia Waugh is the president of Software Freedom International, the organization that organizes Software Freedom day.

In my country there is a great number of women that are involved in Free Software and they share a project called (Activistas X el Software libre) led by the brilliant Nerissa Aguilera.

“So… there may be few… But they are trully something…” and to think they encourage more participation is just fantastic. they are the foundations of the very diverse future…

Please ladies, “don’t judge us by our worst specimens” 😉

Kudos to: Andrea, Irais, Angie (the great IglURBE team), Melissa (for the great support to our loCo team), Nathalie (for keeping our LoCo team as alive as always), Hobbsee (for her Motu support towards this little motu grasshopper).

This post I dedicate to my little daughter age 5, who is following her daddy’s FOSS footsteps…

3 Replies to “There may be very few… but they are trully something…”

  1. ‘Please ladies, “don’t judge us by our worst specimens” ;)’

    I think this is a fair call… but it remains valid to judge a group on how well its worst specimens are integrated. If say, someone who is scathingly abusive and contemptuous of women is thought of as “well, that’s a bit unfortunate… but he’s such a great coder and we really value him!” then the worst specimen tells one a great deal about the group’s values.

  2. I’m from a different generation… and I do not see women as a threat in the IT field.. I acknowledge and embrace the fact that in most stuff … women are more competent than men…


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