please consider apologizing to the entire Open Source Community for what your CEO thinks. before even considering asking form My participation. I am Open Source. WE ARE ALL OPEN SOURCE. And don’t get me wrong, there is something in me that wants to believe you initiative but YEARS of bad OS experiences and the previous reference of your CEO makes me say…


“Fool me once Shame on you… Fool me twice shame on me”!

14 Replies to “NO, I DON’T WANT TO…”

  1. That was 6 years ago. 6 years ago in IT industry is like 2 centuries in any other. Things change, and even companies change. Today they are submitting rather good licenses to OSI for approval and actually releasing pieces of open source software.

    Did you know that psychologists generally see strong dichotomic thinking as a sign of mental disorders?

  2. Efrain, just because its Microsoft doesn’t mean they can’t be part of Open Source. Of course everyone can be part of it as long as they play by the rules. Open Source is a a possible business strategy for MS because it is the current most effective way of developing and delivering software. Why not bark at Apple as well?

    Open Source is pretty broad topic and MS will most likely avoid stuff that is pretty much associated to the GPL and probably willing to go Eclipse or Apache or even build their own that conforms to OSI.

    Shutting out even MS is not only un-open source, but pretty much makes the practice a witch hunt.

  3. erik:

    Ballmer never changes…

    Notice how I didn’t insult them … or disrespect them in anyway. 6 years ago is still today in their OS (some people still run Win XP and prefer it to windows vista, how crazy is that?). I won’t trust them. this is what happens when you trust them

    THE MVP gets sued by M$

    Go on dear Erik, trust them… you are free to…

    I choose not to… I hope you can respect mi opinion

    about my mental health. I am as cool as a Fool in a Pool brother… and I did not take your personal attack at my sanity personal. you needn’t bother look into my mind ;). check your own

    Cheers from the Linux land and the non Microsoft believing “Open Source”

    P.S. Your name reminds me of the “I am your worst nightmare” episode. ;)…

  4. Jerome:

    Your rational makes perfect sense. but I have a choice. and I choose not to. That’s why I say. I PASS.

    Ironic. Microsoft goes Open source…

    it’s my choice… I pass

    you make yours

  5. I pledge to Efra’s choice.. though I’m kind of reluctant to slash my wrists. 😀

    And what the hell!!! We’re cancer, right? I’ve never seen cancer wanting to hang out with radiation.

  6. “Q. What is the Microsoft position on intellectual property (IP) and open source?

    Intellectual property (IP) serves a vital role in maintaining a healthy cycle of innovation in the IT industry. IP concepts—including copyright, trademark, patent, or public domain—are useful for developers to define terms of use that enable their project or business to thrive, regardless of what development model they choose.”

    Notice how the closest they can get to open source is “public domain”? But fair is fair. Copyright — copyleft — can be useful. Like swords can be useful. Its not a plough, but it works fine against swords. GPL and BSD licences serve the same purpose.

    As to (intellectual) property et cetera: They are artefacts from a time when men sold and bought physical things. You know, the things one could actually call “property”, stamp a trademark on and desperately protect with patents.

    Nowadays many things on the market are not “things”. A simple but very important difference. (IT) businesses hold out their patent portfolio’s like the barons their land leases and the guilds their patents. Pathetically clueless to the changes around them.

    You are free to do as you want effiejayx, but I would suggest shrugging your shoulders at their desperate efforts to be “in”. They’re already out of time…

  7. Ikinni:

    I see your point of view… all is necesary. My post did not mean… Let’s get rid of all propietary software… I just said no to a proposal of particiation in an “Open Source” proyect offered by Microsoft. I say NO… for me… you can do what you please. and as I contribute more to the Open Source I find out… there is no such thing as being “IN”. as long as you are useful and participative. it’s all about Sharing… which sometimes is hard for some people to understand…

    specially alleged patent holders …


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