UBUNTU-VE at the CNSL WRAPS UP in Maracaibo


Ubuntu-ve’s participation in the “Congreso Nacional de Software Libre” (CNSL) in Maracaibo, Venezuela really proved what Ubuntu is all about… sharing with the people the spirit of ubuntu in more ways than one.

Looking for inventive ways to promote Ubuntu. I decided to offer small 10 minute talks on how to do stuff on ubuntu. and questions from the crowd. I also handed out stikers to ubuntu enthusiasts.

Due to the lack of CD’s I decided to do some screencasts from screencasts.ubuntu.com (thank you Alan Pope :D) to show people how to download an ISO image of ubuntu. and how to install dual boot. I showed and I explained in spanish so questions at the end were reduced in numbers :D.

A small flyer was distributed a flyer among attendees to further directed them to our loCo team and to our mailing list. for them to have a way of interacting with the Venezuelan community at large.

It was all about the people and that’s what I enjoyed the most of this event. there is nothing like the eager questions regarding how to use Ubuntu or how life is like in the Ubuntu side :D.

At the end of the day I did the typical “ASK THE UBUNTU DUDE” kind of thing, a few installs on some laptops and fixed a couple of wireless issues on others. I even showed some development scenarios under Ubuntu and showed my new Python moves.

Big thanks to Artemisa (One Cool Ubuntu-ve Chick), BELLA-VE (one Cool Debian Chick) and to C3s4r (Keep it up bro).

My flickr set with pics here

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