PLAY OGG’s!!! The Metamorphosis of a Sound File

Ok… here it is again… PLAY OGG’s…

I just read a pretty common dilema for new usersIllegal Codecs Put Me Off Linux”, The use of ILEGAL CODECS.I don’t intend to open the Pandora box all over again. I found pretty valid his position and it got me into this reflection.

How did the WMA (Windows media Audio??. I can’t  remember the acronym anymore :P) got so relatively big. How did it happen?

Well it got big because it was the default format for recording on the default Media Player on the OS. and often I recorded and forgot to change the default format for recording… DUH!

When I first joined the Ubuntu crowd, back in the hoary days, Installing  proprietary codecs was no easy task. but luckily for me I was not left defenseless. I learned I could use SOUNDJUICER to get my cd’s into sound files that my system new hoary OS would recognize. pretty neat. so if I was once stuck with the WMA by mistake… why not give OGG a chance…
Enter MP32OGG 

then looking for a solution to all the mp3’s and WMA’s  I already had on my computer. I found the Nifty MP32OGG on the repositories… I installed it and I was expecting some kick ass app with a nice GUI…  better luck next time noobie… It was a command line app 😀 but it was easy to use. and I got a hang of it. I changed all my mp3’s to OGG’s just using this command 😀

mp32ogg thefile.mp3

or better yet

mp32ogg thedirectorythathasallthefiles

and I would get the new ogg thefile.ogg and the directory for the ogg’s

I felt like I could take on the world. I did a command line to do something that cool.  😀
Then it was the dilema again… would an Ipod play ogg’s… I said… NAH who needs an Ipod… I’ll buy an Icheapod :D.


e-tech mp3 player

This mp3 player… as cheap as it is … PLAYS OGG! although it does not say… so Imagine my surprise. 😀

Then I learned OGG’s have GOOD Sound Quality (Test of sound files)… and I said.. WHAT! NO WAY!
Now the Morale of the story…

You are as FREE you want to be in this Free and Open Source World.

When thinking about audio you don’t HAVE TO install Ilegal codecs 😉

Kudos to:

  • “THE NIX MAN” nixternal for his awesome OGG set of mind 😀
  • jono for kicking ass with Jokosher (Now I can edit audio and export on OGG’s :D)
  • Mako for his always insightful look at the free music and free culture and His excepcional work at FSF.
  • FSF for their Campaigning efforts.
  • and to all the OGG listeners out there…

Inspiring as always

– ” Keep on Rocking in the Free World”

                                        -Neil Young 

7 Replies to “PLAY OGG’s!!! The Metamorphosis of a Sound File”

  1. I do agree that ideologically Ogg Vorbis is right. But, converting lossy mp3 tracks, which has some frequencies ripped, into lossy ogg tracks make them lose even more quality.

    Anyway, it’s much better to convert your tracks from lossless formats (like Ape, WavPack and, of course, FLAC) or from CDs into Ogg Vorbis than into MPEG Layer 3 (yack!), WMA (yack!) and LC-AAC.

  2. It’s pretty stupid to run mp32ogg. It’s as stupid as dubbing from a cassette to another. Not to mention that to run mp32ogg you need to install the illegal codecs you are bitching about.

    I’d rather keep my MP3s that I can’t replace in MP3 format, thanks. All my rips and original productions, however, are Ogg Vorbis, obviously.

  3. @Marius Gedminas: You are probably right… but I am not a audio quality expert… you are right… but I was just trying to listen them.. 😀 .. yes they are goodness…

    Gee one learns alot heh…

    Let’s give it up for ogg’s…

    @Xubuntix thanks for the heads up…

  4. I’ve bought several “generic” mp3 and mp4 players in my time. My girlfriend even has the exact same “Icheapod” as you. 😀
    It was sold as an AWA or something like that here in Australia.

    EVERY no-name brand player I’ve had has played ogg vorbis audio files. Some will pick up the metadata tags, others wont, but ALL will play.

    To hell with iPods I say. You pay four times as much for the same storage capacity and what do you get? Less supported formats, DRM and white poser earbuds.

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