It’s Ubuntu Evolution BABY!!!

Alright… I was siting on my computer with a little time to share…

I have seen several cool OS evolution, Fedora’s, and much recently I saw Window’s (they missed Millennium Edition). I have seen tons and tons of screenshots of Ubuntu screenshots on the web. So I decided to set up this little evolution for the Ubuntu desktops…

As I looked at them I remembered different moments in my last two years. It literally brought tears in my eyes. and one can only wait til Gutsy hits the mainstream :D.

This is a tribute to the Desktop Team… CHEERS GUYS…

P.S. maybe someone can do the same for Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Edubuntu, add infinitum… 😉


Ubuntu 4.10 Warty Warthog

Released Oct 20th, 2004

Notes: Initial release, support for x86, x86-64, PowerPC. ShipIt.

Ubuntu 5.04 Hoary Hedgehog

Released April 8th, 2005

NOTES: Inclusion of update-manager/upgrade-notifier, Kickstart compatibility, improved laptop support.

Ubuntu 5.10 Breezy Badger

Released October 13th, 2005

NOTES: Graphical boot process with progress bar (USplash), OEM Installer Support, Launchpad tracking, GCC 4.0

Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper Drake (LTS)

Released June 1st, 2006

NOTES: LiveCD and Installer on one disc, Ubiquity installer. First Long-Term Support release. The next LTS release is planed for Feisty+2.


Ubuntu 6.10 Edgy Eft

Released October 26th, 2006


NOTES: Automated problem reports, Upstart.

Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn

Released April 19th, 2007

NOTES: Migration assistant, KVM, Easy codec/restricted drivers installation, Desktop effects, WPA support, PowerPC support officially dropped.

13 Replies to “It’s Ubuntu Evolution BABY!!!”

  1. Don’t use evolution and baby in the same sentence. It always remember me this clip from Pearl Jam

    “Its evolution, baby”

  2. Hoary was my favorite one.. and it was my first ubuntu and linux experience 😀

    I still sherish those cd’s I got one day of may 😀

  3. Being Ubuntu a ‘beautified’ Debian clone, sinceresly … i’m not seeing any sign of evolution here. Really. Oh well, wait: promoting closed source and propietary tools like Launchpad … yeah, LOL.

    Nah, Ubuntu is only a popular distro for extremly newbie users, without any real technical merit implemented (except all the work … copied from Debian). It’s a shame that all the hard work done by Debian isn’t being recognized … a shame. Nice move, Mr. Shuttleworth. A really nice marketing move. Shame on you.

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