Ubuntu Sharing on a Saturday Morning!

effie_jayx's Daughter hacking TUXPAINT

Well most kids would just do anything to sit in front of the TV on a Saturday morning with their cereal in dripping from the bowl. (I know I did back in my time :D), well Not my daughter.. she did all her shores very early (Feed the turtle, make her bed, wash her face, had breakfast) all because she knew she would get to use the good old laptop (HP omnibook) we keep for her. she just loves sitting and playing with TUXPAINT…

The Beauty of it lies where there are no preconceptions or judgement passed on Ubuntu. she just uses it. there is no comparing… or complaining about not having support. She is only 5 and she can use linux… :D. in fact my wife has failed to find an alternative on other operating systems that can attract my daughter.

I can see my daughter developing some nice plugins for gimp soon ;).

Kudos to: OG maciel (His children are the TRUE beta testers of just about any educational software)

and to the Edubuntu project for the magnificent effort they put into their work… here at my place they have one happy user… and more to come.




5 Replies to “Ubuntu Sharing on a Saturday Morning!”

  1. Yeah, same for my kids. They use either Linux or windows unthinking. Without knowing what a proprietary software or open source is, they use whatever provided it does what they want. They especially like all the little games you find in Linux.

  2. Wow that’s a huge X-Chat names list. I usually try to minimize the various panes in favor of more chat text space.

    Have you seen Scratch? It’s a visual programming language intended for teaching programming skills. It has variables, and static typing. And message passing. And a Logo-esque turtle system. And a website for sharing projects. And it’s open source.

    Unfortunately they don’t support Linux yet. It mostly works, but you have to extract the image (it runs in a Squeak VM) and I think some minor features like recording and presentation mode aren’t working. They claim they will make packages for most systems, but I’m guessing they intend to do it themselves rather than approach organizations like Edubuntu directly. Which is great, but I suspect Edubuntu (and other Linux distros) and the Scratch Team can diagnose and fix problems faster than Scratch Team alone. Granted, much of the code is written in a language few know intimately, but there’s bound to be distro specific things that collaboration can identify.

  3. Great story. My two girls (5 and 3) love their tux paint as well. I have gcompris installed on their PC. The 5 year old has mastered a number of the games.
    And the great thing about Linux is that they can log in to their computer from my room if they want to.

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