Hello Planet Ubuntu!

I have always been a fan of planet ubuntu ever since it started (a little more than a year now). I am an addicted reader. Now, It is very surreal to be writing. I guess it just goes to show how accessible and how helpful the ubuntu community is. it’s all about ALL OF US growing together. giving eachother a hand … instead of holding a hand that pushes you down.

A little about myself:

You could say I am a ubuntu-generation linux user from Venezuela. I have been using ubuntu since the Hoary days. and I can only look back an see how far ubuntu has come :D. I am an EFL teacher by day and Ubuntu LoCo enthusiast by night :D. I am the always friendly effie_jayx on the #ubuntu channels on IRC (FREENODE)

Big thanks to the almighty elkbuntu, Hobbsee, rolando-ve, Javamaniac, WRATHCHILD, Seveas, Jenda, Ogmaciel , nixternal, JanC, and to the Whole Planet…

all of the Inspiration in your previous post made this Venezuelan get the Ubuntu Feeling right.

This post is for you…

5 Replies to “Hello Planet Ubuntu!”

  1. EFFIE!!!!! Welcome to the planet! Enjoy your time…oh and get back to hacking 🙂

    P.S.: No need to thank me, you proved yourself on your own, great job and congrats!

  2. epale. vi tu mensaje y queria preguntarte como se mueve Ubuntu en Vzla. Soy un newbie tratando de meterse en la candela con Ubuntu y estare regresando al pais (aunque no en el mejor momento) en los proximos meses y me gustaria si pudieras darme algunos pointers de por donde o con quien se puede chequear esto en Vzla.



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