Efrain Valles



Thank you for taking the time to coming by, This was not a coincidence :). I love programing, :). I have been working on Software for Close to 20 Years. I develop tools in places where I work to simplify things. I have been a part of formidable projects throughout my carrier. I do some IT consultancy for companies and freelancing to people across the world. I have great Experience with the ecosystem of leading web software. I love new challenges and solving problems. So Let's Talk.

Cristbel Gonzalez

Efrain as a Director brings all of the skills of a driven and strategic thinker to the Information Systems Department at Aruba Airlines.

John Kiss

I've had the pleasure of working with Efrain for over 5 years, as a client and a partner. Efrain's ability to have a deep understanding of both technology and the business is a rare skill. I would highly recommend Efrain for any position he takes on, as his skill set and work ethic will prove a great asset to any company.

Andrej Adamcik

I've worked with Efrain on several projects and it was always a pleasure to cooperate with such skillful and great leader in software development. He manage teams with ease and comes with perfect solutions.

Nathassia Jimenez

Excelente líder, siempre a la cabeza de las cosas, con gran habilidad para trabajar bajo presión y mucha visión a futuro y motivado a innovar. Fue una gran experiencia para mi trabajar con Efrain. Siempr estaré agradecida por la oportunidad.

Information Systems Manager - Aruba Airlines .

Aruba Airines

April. 2014 - Current

  • Implement Software Solutions for the Airline.
  • Administer Airline Reservation and Check-in Systems for both PSS and DCS.
  • Develop Inhouse solution to data transfer of Advanced Passenger Information to several airports and ports of entry.
  • Development of Dashboard of Flights for on-time performance tracking.
  • Lead a team of Support Analysts to work on the Airlines Technological Infrastructure.
  • Point of Contact for Airline Software Vendors.

Apter Soluciones

Feb. 2008 - Oct. 2013

  • Developed support products based on Open Source Solutions.
  • Offered Training on Open Source solutions.
  • Developed Software for POS and Administration.

Centro Venezolano Americano del Zulia

Nov. 1998 - Feb. 2008

  • Teacher of Egnlish to Children, Young Adults, Adults. Levels Basic to Advanced.
  • TOEFL Trainer.
  • Placement and proficiency test Proctor.
  • Curricula development for Children, Young Adults, Adults.
  • Extra Full-Inmersion Course Developer and Proctor.


  • C++
  • Python
  • PHP
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • React.js
  • Python Automation - PyWinAuto
  • Django Web Framework

In Conclusion

My Experience lies mostly in the development of database models based on ORM flask, django, SQLAlquemy, Elixir. I can also user MySQL or MariaDB, MongoDB and CouchDB, some MS SQL Server integrations via ODBC for apps, also some solid foundation on HTML and CSS, Qt Framework with Python and C++. Worked on Algorithms to improve processing time. I have worked with django for over 10 years as my go to framework. But anything can be learned and employed :) If you want to reach me . email Big Thank you to Philip C Davis for sharing the code base for this and I recomend you checkout his online course.