Efrain Valles



Thank you for taking the time to coming by, This was not a coincidence :). I love programing, :). I have been working on Software for Close to 20 Years. I develop tools in places where I work to simplify things. I have been a part of formidable projects throughout my carrier. I do some IT consultancy for companies and freelancing to people across the world. I have great Experience with the ecosystem of leading web software. I love new challenges and solving problems. So Let's Talk.

Cristbel Gonzalez

Efrain as a Director brings all of the skills of a driven and strategic thinker to the Information Systems Department at Aruba Airlines.

John Kiss

I've had the pleasure of working with Efrain for over 5 years, as a client and a partner. Efrain's ability to have a deep understanding of both technology and the business is a rare skill. I would highly recommend Efrain for any position he takes on, as his skill set and work ethic will prove a great asset to any company.

Andrej Adamcik

I've worked with Efrain on several projects and it was always a pleasure to cooperate with such skillful and great leader in software development. He manage teams with ease and comes with perfect solutions.

Nathassia Jimenez

Excelente líder, siempre a la cabeza de las cosas, con gran habilidad para trabajar bajo presión y mucha visión a futuro y motivado a innovar. Fue una gran experiencia para mi trabajar con Efrain. Siempr estaré agradecida por la oportunidad.

Information Systems Manager - Aruba Airlines .

Aruba Airines

April. 2014 - Current

  • Implement Software Solutions for the Airline.
  • Administer Airline Reservation and Check-in Systems for both PSS and DCS.
  • Develop Inhouse solution to data transfer of Advanced Passenger Information to several airports and ports of entry.
  • Development of Dashboard of Flights for on-time performance tracking.
  • Lead a team of Support Analysts to work on the Airlines Technological Infrastructure.
  • Point of Contact for Airline Software Vendors.

Apter Soluciones

Feb. 2008 - Oct. 2013

  • Developed support products based on Open Source Solutions.
  • Offered Training on Open Source solutions.
  • Developed Software for POS and Administration.

Centro Venezolano Americano del Zulia

Nov. 1998 - Feb. 2008

  • Teacher of Egnlish to Children, Young Adults, Adults. Levels Basic to Advanced.
  • TOEFL Trainer.
  • Placement and proficiency test Proctor.
  • Curricula development for Children, Young Adults, Adults.
  • Extra Full-Inmersion Course Developer and Proctor.


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • React.js
  • Python Automation
  • Django Web Framework

In Conclusion

My Experience lies mostly in the development of database models based on ORM flask, django, SQLAlquemy, Elixir. I can also user MySQL or MariaDB, MongoDB and CouchDB for apps, also some solid foundation on HTML and CSS. I have worked with django for over 10 years as my go to framework. But anything can be learned and employed :) If you want to reach me . email Big Thank you to Philip C Davis for sharing the code base for this and I recomend you checkout his online course.